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At 13 years old My relationship with Spirit developed. This was in a time when Intuitive gifts were not spoken openly about. My Soul was leading me to my Soul purpose with my gifts and to fulfill my life purpose. We all deserve to nourish our Soul & Inner Gifts to fulfill our purpose strengthening wholeness within us. Our awakening to wholeness is the path to our happiness & prosperity in this life strengthening our divine relationship. My path led me to many modules of healing which all contributed to reuniting my Soul clarifying my path which I am eternally grateful for. My courses will guide you along the right path to uniting your soul. My new book is coming in early Summer 2021 & quickly followed by my second book in late Summer 2021. 

Love, Light & Blessings



Fears & phobias can be very limiting and increase anxiety depending on how long the fear/phobia has been carried around. Hypnosis is very effective in releasing the control the fear/phobia has on us enabling us to live our lives without limitation. 

Stress Management

Stress can have very serious effects on our bodies as prolonged stress had been found to be linked to disease. When we are stressed the fight or flight response is activated within us and our bodies cannot sustain living this way and remain healthy. Hypnosis will help you regain control & minimize stress allowing you to achieve a positive state of being. 


IBS can be very limiting with various uncomfortable physical symptoms. Hypnosis can be very effective in assisting you to take control of your BodyMind helping to ease your symptoms and enjoy life once again. Hypnosis can also help other ongoing health conditions that may be adding to you IBS such as stress & anxiety. 


Emotional baggage can have a serious effect on our lives and relationships. Old insecurities, feelings, and memories can prevent us from enjoying the present and our relationships. Hypnosis can be very effective in helping us acknowledge and let go of the old feelings that need to be released. 

Confidence/Self Esteem

Having confidence & trusting in ourselves is very important as it affects our ability to achieve in life and also affects our careers and relationships. Hypnosis is very effective by increasing our self-esteem and belief in ourselves giving us the confidence to go for our wishes, hopes, and dreams. 

Public Speaking

Have you ever had to make a presentation to your colleagues at work and froze at the thought of it? Fear of public speaking can be changed with Hypnosis as it will help you release the fear and open more doors than you thought possible. 

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