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About Me

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Empath, Medium, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist & Author. I focus on Soul Empowerment removing old beliefs & understanding our Soul & Life purpose enabling our inner gifts. We all deserve to nourish & nurture our soul & our inner gifts. I look at each person and their Soul & BodyMind connection in a holistic way to achieve the greatest benefit for them through Soul Energy Healing, Soul Empowerment & Energy Healing Courses, Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis. I offer online courses & sessions along with a selection of pre-recorded sessions & programs. Sessions include Soul healing, Inner Child Healing, weight loss, anxiety, confidence/self-esteem, emotions. I am qualified in Psychotherapy & Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis, Pain Management, Inner Child Healing, Energy Healing - Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing, Herbalism, Pain Management, Mindfulness, Mediumship, Shamanism & Spiritual Teaching. My new book is out now available on Amazon Kindle, paperback & coming soon to audible. 

Love, Light & Blessings 


Soul Empowerment The 7 Keys Within Paperback, Ebook & Audible

Soul Empowerment The 7 Keys Within Course will show you the 7 keys within to unlock your Soul & Life Purpose guiding you to steps your Soul is seeking. You will discover the signs your Soul is leading you with and how each step is connected. This book & course will also bring clarity to your decisions & understanding to your Soul Roadmap. The book is available now on Amazon Kindle & paperback, coming soon to Audible. This book is registered with Copyright House. All rights reserved ©2021

Soul Empowerment The 7 Keys Within Course 

Soul Empowerment The 7 Keys Within Course will give you the 7 keys to unlock your Soul Purpose & Life Purpose & their connection to our happiness abundance & prosperity & strengthen your inner gifts. You will develop trust in your guidance, your intuitive abilities, & bring clarity to your decision-making. We will also address Healing, healthy beliefs, health & boundaries, inner child healing, moving energy, relationships, careers & the awakening process.  This 8 session pre-recorded program is available Friday 16th April 2021.. 8 sessions €249.00 at https://anne-ryan.sumup.link/

Inner Child Healing

When we heal our Inner Child we bring healing to our adult life enabling inner security, self love & self belief. Hypnosis is highly effective for releasing/healing the beliefs of our child self & enabling our adult self to be empowered now. Each session includes your recorded Hypnosis session for you to listen to daily. 

Pre-recorded Inner Child Healing Program - 6 sessions €129.00. https://anne-ryan.sumup.link/

Sessions, Programs & Consultations

Soul Readings 1-hour via Zoom/Skype €60.00. 

Pre-recorded single sessions - €20.00 each - Anxiety, Confidence, Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Tuning into Emotions,  pre-recorded single session recording is donated to charity. 

Pre-recorded Programs: - A percentage of each program is also donated to charity:

Weight Loss Program - 4 45 minute sessions - €99.00.

Anxiety Release Program - 5 45 minute sessions - €109.00. 

Soul Empowerment The 7 Keys Within Course/Program, 8 Pre-Recorded sessions €249.00

Online StoreTo Pay: https://anne-ryan.sumup.link/

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Phone: 00353830846845 Internationally. 08308486845

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